Understanding How The Google Panda Update Affects Your Site

With the Google Panda update, many sites have seen their PageRank and visitors decrease. Unless Buy Google Reviews search engines rank your site high, steady or increased traffic is almost impossible. The update targeted sites with poorly written and outdated copy. This meant sites typically used to writing quick articles filled with keywords found themselves near the bottom of the search pile.

The Panda update has actually been a series of updates and tweaks with more on the way. While it has cleared many spam sites from the search engine ranks, the downside is many legitimate businesses and websites were washed away with them. Luckily, Google has stated exactly what they are looking so sites can plan and revamp accordingly.

The first thing to take notice of is what Google doesn’t want. Once you understand what aspects of your site Google penalized you for, the easier it is to fix the problem and start ranking higher again. Sites who have followed Google’s advice have been quickly rewarded with higher PageRank and increased visitors. Basically, if you take care of your site and follow the rules, you will do well.

Content is the end all be all of this update. While sites filled with nothing but advertising were cut out as well, content was the main factor in the Google Panda update. Your starting point for truly understanding why the update affected your site should begin with evaluating your existing content.

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